Bible Survey

Why Bible Survey?

The Commission to Disciple

Bible Survey Online is a tool designed to support local churches and their leadership in their commission to make disciples of all nations.

We find Jesus’ commission for the church in Matthew chapter 28:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

The commission is not fulfilled by merely “going” and “baptizing.” We must also teach them to obey Christ’s teaching so that they grow in Christlikeness.

A means to fulfilling the commission

The question is:

How do we lead each one of our brothers and sister to growth and maturity in Christ? How can we obey the command to teach believers to obey all that God has commanded?

To fulfill this commission we need to:

  1. Read God’s Word, meditate on it, and live it out
  2. Understand the main point and the context of each Bible book
  3. Strengthen and deepen love for Jesus Christ through his Word

We want to help churches fulfill this commission. Our program is built upon years of experience teaching Bible Survey at the EBTC. The goal of Bible Survey Online is to work through the Bible from beginning to end in a set time period, writing a title for each chapter of every book and a summary for every book.

Even though we are always excited to see students study with us at the EBTC, we also want to help your church study the Bible together and to grow more and more into Christlikeness in your fellowship.

What is Bible Survey?

Bible Survey is a Bible study program where students will gain an overview of the Old Testament (39 books from Genesis to Malachi) and of the New Testament (27 books from Matthew to Revelation) with an emphasis on the central statements of each book. Students will also learn about literary form, structure, and historical and geographical backgrounds. The purpose of this course of study is to deepen the student’s understanding of the biblical texts and their relevancy to life and ministry in our time.

Chapter Summary

Students will read every book of the Bible and create a 5-7-word summary of each chapter. These chapter titles should answer the question: What was the content of this chapter?

Book Summaries

In addition to the chapter titles, students will also write a 1,500 character (about 1 DIN A4 page) summary of each Bible book. The book summaries should answer the question: What is the most important content of the book?

Practical Theology

Students can also work through various practical topics in groups. We will provide homework ideas in this area as well.

Learning assessment

Students will remember the material they have learned best through tests. We give you the opportunity to administer various examinations to enhance memory retention.