Can I continue my studies at EBTC with it?

In principle, Bible Studies Online is comparable with the Bible Studies course at the EBTC. We use the same materials and assignments and if you use the videos, they are also recordings from previous EBTC weekends.

Depending on which assignments you choose, BKO will either be accepted as fully recognized or you will have to take an exam for lateral entry. This exam consists of about 100 questions on the OT and NT and covers by and large the teaching content of Bible studies at the EBTC.

Thus, a successful completion of the Bible study program allows one to enter the EBTC courses.

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Will my expenses be refunded upon cancellation?

Yes, proportionately. Per processed Bible book, we will refund the costs accordingly. However, after 50% of edited books on the Bible, no costs will be reimbursed.

Will each student receive an invoice/bill for the course?

No, invoices will be issued on a school or class basis.

Are there answer keys for the book summaries?

The EBTC does not provide a “master answer key” for the book summaries because there really is no one way to summarize a book. What we do provide is a template with the themes and information that a student must identify in his/her summary, regardless of how the student writes it up. Tutors can then use these templates as an aid in correcting student summaries.

Is it possible for a student to take Bible Survey Online as an individual?

In most cases it is not possible. You can contact us at and we will consider which possibilities would be open to you.

Who should use Bible Survey Online?

Bible Survey Online is for churches who want to equip their members.