User-friendly Web Platform

Bible Survey Online’s user interface fits perfectly to the size of your smart phone or Tablet. Even while you are on the go you can work on your homework online.

Dependable with your Work

BSO saves your work automatically every few minutes. You can even review an old version of your homework in the event that you accidentally delete something.

Help while working

Many small things have been considered in order to make your work easier. BSO automatically displays your word count and will even warn you if you have exceded your limit.

Import and Export Functions

You can easily copy and paste your chapter titles from your word processor into BSO. You can also export your finished work out of BSO as a PDF, Word, Open Office, or Text file to save or print your work.

Title Template

You will be provided with three possible chapter titles to use as a master to help you correct homework.

Chapter Summary Templates

You will be provided with our summary of the most important content of each book.

General Templates

You will be provided with general templates for point reductions for things such as late homework or spelling errors.

Individual Assessment

You can assess your students individually by manually awarding or reducing points. A “Comment” section also allows you to communicate directly with a student.

Bible Survey Online’s simplified user interface helps churches easily set up courses, due dates, students, and tutors.

Progress Overview

The administrator can quickly see and evaluate the progress of both students and tutors.

Easy Class Setup

Class administration is now even easier. We make sure that it is as easy as possible to setup and administrate a class.

Document Upload

For each course, documents can be uploaded with ease and made available to the students and tutors.

Built-in Communication

Bible Survey Online’s internal message system allows the students, tutors, and administrators to effectively communicate with one another. Users will immediately receive an email when they have received a message in their BKO Inbox.

Video Lectures for every Bible Book

For every book of the Bible we provide a high-quality video lecture from our experienced teachers. Video lectures are not included in the Base-Packet.

Video Download

The videos can be downloaded by your BSO Administrator and viewed together as a class.

Preveiw of a Bible Survey Lecture